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A very simple and easy way to support the USAFA Men's Rugby Team is to join the Zoomie Rugby Booster Club. As mentioned on the home page, the sole purpose of the Zoomie Rugby Booster Club is to support all things Air Force Academy Men's Rugby. The Zoomie Rugby Booster Club is a IRS determined, 501(c)(3) public charity and not affiliated with the US Government.  The booster club has the direct access and ability to give donations to the Air Force Men's Rugby team for targeted purposes by using what the US Government calls a "gift in kind" mechanism. Players, coaches and staff are not allowed to solicit donations from anyone...but the Booster Club, as a public charity and private organization, is allowed to do just that when a need, whether financial or material, is identified. If you think you would like to support the Zoomie Rugby Booster Club, and in turn, support the cadets, click the button below.

Support the team by becoming a booster club member

Support the team through a targeted donation

Becoming a Booster Club Member

The coolest thing about becoming a booster club member is that you help the team directly and with your "dues" as a contribution to the Booster Club General Fund.  There are four tiers of booster club membership.  ALL LEVELS support the team, some just support the team a little more.  The four levels of annual booster club membership are listed below:

Firstie level - $35 – Your Firstie level membership just helped a Zoomie rugby player.  The Firstie Level is named after the seniors at the Air Force Academy as they are ranked Cadet First Class.  

Company Grade Office level - $100 – Your Company Grade Officer level gift is greatly appreciated and will help the team more than you realize. This second tier is named in honor of all the Captains and Lieutenants serving in our Air Force.  They may not make the most money in their service but they are the tacticians that execute the mission day in and day out for our nation. 

Field Grade Officer level - $500 - Your Field Grade Officer level gift shows true dedication to the Zoomie Rugby Program. The field grade level in the Air Force, Majors, Lieutenant Colonels, and Colonels, contains our squadron and group leaders both formal and informal.  The hard working men and women of the field grade provide leadership to out tacticians in the CGO level as the mission is executed.  

Flag Officer level - $1000 - Your Flag Officer level gift puts you at the top of our booster program.  In the military, the flag officers are our Generals and Admirals.   They are our strategic and operational level leaders and thinkers.  As a Flag Officer Level member you are in a league of your other level of booster supports the team more than you do. It is hard to describe in words how grateful the cadets and staff are for this extremely generous contribution to the program. 

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Support through a targeted donation

Club teams at USAFA exist only because generous donors support the clubs/teams each year.  The USAFA Men's Rugby Team has a travel schedule more extensive than most of the Intercollegiate teams in the Athletic Department.  However, because the team is considered a "club" by USAFA it has to operate on a budget that is a fraction of what those Intercollegiate teams receive. 100% of every donation to the Booster Club's General Fund (including your booster club dues) will be used to offset those expenses as they are made aware to the Executive Board of the Booster Club.  However, there are some specific expense needs (seen below) that have already been identified to the Booster Club that we would like to help the cadets with this fall season.  Donations specified to be directed to the below goals will be held in separate accounts until these goals can be realized in full.  If you have the means to support these endeavors, we sincerely thank you.

Short term Goal #1 - 2018-2019 Travel Expense Fund

The largest financial burden our club faces is travel costs.  To compete in National Level competition, our team must play compete against the best teams in the nation.  This often means traveling at least 4-6 times a year to locations that require airfare.  We try to utilize military airlift but military airlift is unreliable at best because those aircraft are often pulled away at the last minute to cover real-world missions.  Each trip requiring commercial airfare costs the Men's Rugby club anywhere from $4000-$6000 and creates an undue burden on our cadets who have to fund club travel.  The Booster Club would like to set a target of $30,000 to be raised to assist the club in their travel needs.

Progress towards this 2018-2019 goal - 0%

Short term Goal #2 - Electronic Scoreboard

Did you know that the Men's and Women's Rugby teams cannot host national competitions because our current facilities do not meet the requirements specified by USA Rugby?  Facilities do exist on the Academy but those are owned and operated by the athletic department who have been reluctant to let us use the facilities even when the games (sometimes televised) would bring great credit to the US Air Force Academy as a whole.  The Booster Club would like to set a goal of $26,000 to purchase a quality RUGBY scoreboard and put our pitch in the running to host national championship competitions.

Progress towards this goal - 0%


Short term Goal #3 - Club Equipment Container 

The Men's rugby football club rents a steel shipping container to hold all of equipment and medical supplies and protect those assets from the environment.  The club spends approximately $1200 a year to rent this container.  Unfortunately, the club does not have enough money to buy a container outright without sacrificing on other yearly needs. The booster club would like to buy a certified used steel container (of the same size) for the club from a local shipping company for only $2500.  The Booster Club would like to set a target $2500 to make this happen.  This one-time purchase will save the club an additional $1200 yearly.

Progress towards this goal - 100%  (Thank you, Boosters!)

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