Day 2 results - Las Vegas Invitational

The AFA Men’s Rugby Club had a tougher 2nd day at the CRC Qualifier down in Las Vegas today. After making the Cup Quarterfinals (top 8 of 24 teams) after going undefeated in pool play yesterday, the Zoomies met some stiffer competition in the knockout rounds.

Cup Quarterfinals
AFA lost to the University of Utah 15-21. Although both teams scored three tries, the Utes converted all of their attempts and we did not. Two tries by Stille and another by G.

Cup consolation match

AFA lost to St. Joseph’s in losing cup quarterfinal consolation match 14-29. The Zoomies used this opportunity to allow some of the players deeper on the depth chart to get some quality game time. Kyle Roshong and Marquis Cobb both scored their first tries of the tournament. Great job fellas.