All Academy Challenge - Support Zoomie Rugby!

Grads, parents, and friends of the Zoomie Rugby Program,

Today kicks off the "All Academy Challenge", a friendly fund raising challenge among all the service academies to vie for the bragging rights of most donations.  YOUR RUGBY DONATION COUNTS!!!  Whether you donate by mail or online, you can designate your contribution for any of the four rugby accounts and your participation counts towards getting our alma mater closer to the top.  Per the Academy:

"Make a contribution between May 31 and June 6. Every contribution made by a graduate to USAFA will be counted as participation. Any donation will help the program whether you are an Academy grad or not!  If you have already given this year, please consider an additional one-time gift in order to be counted for this challenge."

Please go online and give (even if it is only $5) and it counts!   As an added bonus for grads, your donation will also count towards your rugby class gifting total, an internal competition where we honor the class who gifts the most each year.  Here are the links to the rugby funds (the 'competitive' funds have changed the name to Operational, which better reflects the intended use, for operations in the year of gifting.  The Perpetual funds act like true endowment, where 4% of the principal is gifted each year) :

Operational Funds

Men's Operational Fund:

Women's Operational Fund:

Perpetual Funds

Vern Francis Perpetual Fund for Men's Rugby:

Alan Osur Perpetual Fund for Women's Rugby:

When you get to the website, I would strongly encourage you to consider making this a recurring gift (monthly, quarterly, annually), which not only makes it so you don't have to remember, but the donation adds up during the year and makes a nice tax deduction.  (as little as a specialty coffee each week adds up!).  

Thanks for your consideration and GO AIR FORCE!!!

For the board,

Harry Laws '69

Association of Graduates Rugby Alumni Affinity Group - Board Members

  • Tru Eyre, Maj Gen (ret), 1979
  • Matt Carmody, 1999
  • Nikki Foster, Major, 2003
  • Lydia Hill, Lt, 2015
  • Mel Phillips, Col, 1996
  • Wayne Kinsel,Lt Col, 2001
  • Dan Drummond, 1989
  • Matt Schmitz, MD, LtCol, 2000
  • Gary Read, Col USAR (ret),1974
  • Brian Schafer, Col, 1995
  • Ahdi Mitchell, Capt, USAF, 2011
  • Jeff Geraghty, 1997
  • Jim Lamar, 1995
  • Chuck Thompson, Lt Col USAF (Ret), 1994

Alumni Group Officers 

  • Nate Rosenberg, 1974, President
  • Mike Cartney, Col USAF (ret), 1981, Immediate past president
  • Chuck Thompson, Lt Col USAF (Ret), 1994
  • Harry Laws, MD, Col USAF (Ret), 1969, Secretary