Zoomies and Mines kick off DII season

The Colorado School of Mines Orediggers were very flexible this past weekend and helped the Zoomies out due to restrictions placed on the USAFA team by school administrators.  With the game moved late in the week, from Saturday to Sunday, both teams had to adjust their holiday weekend schedules and several Zoomie players were unable to compete due to religious commitments.

Despite the scheduling hiccup, the day turned out fantastic for the visiting parents, Mine's Orediggers, and cadets alike as many were introduced to rugby for the first time.  The USAFA Men's B-side took the field first against the Mine's A-side in a USA Rugby Division II match-up. This is the first year that the USAFA B-side has competed in the Division II and the hope is to give its development program some stiff competition while providing solid competition to our competitors in the division as well.  The USAFA B-side will not be able to compete in Division II post season play because the A-side squad competes in the USA Rugby Division IA competition.

The first game was a great one for the parents as they got to see a great amount of hard hitting and great scoring and supporting efforts by both teams.  The Mines A-side was able to finish off the Zoomie B-side 41-17.  The Zoomies were able to focus on some bright areas of play especially from junior C2C Donovan Moss who was voted by Mines as the USAFA "Man of the Match".  C2C Moss was able to make several long runs and set up some Zoomie attacks.  He also was able to punch in a try of his own.  C1C Dalton Welch also scored for the B-side as did freshman, C4C Connor Johnson, in his first ever game of rugby!  

The Zoomie C-side took the field against the Mines B-side in a follow on game again giving many new players an opportunity to play in a rugby competition for the very first time.  The Zoomie C-side was able to pull off a 22-15 victory over the Mines squad.  Freshman C4C Koby Hinnant led the day with TWO tries his first every rugby game!  Two other freshman, C4C Ryan Dyson and C4C Tyler Belyeu, each added a try of their own in their first game.  Finally, C4C Christian Busuttil was able to slot a conversion to bring the Zoomie tally to 22.