Zoomie Rugby Booster Club and Boathouse team up to support your Zoomies

Thanks to the hard work of the Coaches and the Booster Club, the Zoomie Rugby Booster Club is proud to announce that Boathouse Sports has established a Zoomie store to by fan gear. Many parents have asked how they can acquire more Air Force Rugby gear (in addition to what was available earlier this semester from the Booster Club) and Boathouse has come through.  Boathouse is a licensed dealer of Air Force Apparel and is made right here in the good ole USofA.  

The store will be open for only two weeks, from October 4th until October 12th, so jump on this opportunity before it is gone.  Take a peek and see if any of the offerings interest you. And yes moms, there is even an cool women's cut just for you! Visit:   http://www.boathouseteamstores.com/usafamensrugby and see what interests you.


Zoomie Rugby Booster Club