About the Air Force Academy Rugby Foundation

The Air Force Academy Rugby Foundation (the organization resulting of a merger between USAFA Rugby Alumni Group and Zoomie Rugby Booster Club) for the sole purpose of supporting all things Air Force Academy Men's and Women’s Rugby. It is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization registered in the State of Colorado whose sole goal is to assist the cadets of the Air Force Academy Rugby Teams.

The Zoomie Rugby Booster Club was formed to assist the Air Force Academy Men's Rugby Club with funding resources not covered by the Air Force Academy. The Air Force Academy sponsors over 90 clubs which each get an apportioned share of overall club funding. Due to the competitive nature of the sport of rugby and our requirement to travel to compete in our conference, the Rugby Teams have associated costs much higher than the apportioned club funds can support.

Although the Booster Club was founded only supporting the Men's team, the long range goal has always been to grow the Booster Club to support the Women's team as well. In August 2019, the Booster Club merged into the USAFA Rugby Alumni Affinity Group which supports both the Men's and Women's programs. With this merger, the Booster Club will focus on supporting both the Men's and Women's Rugby short range operational needs.