The Booster Club

A very simple and easy way to support the USAFA Men's Rugby Team is to join the Zoomie Rugby Booster Club. As mentioned on the home page, the sole purpose of the Zoomie Rugby Booster Club is to support all things Air Force Academy Men's Rugby. The booster club is a private organization (not affiliated with the US Government) yet it has the direct access and ability to give donations to the Air Force Men's Rugby team for targeted purposes by using what the US Government calls a "gift in kind" mechanism. Players, coaches and staff are not allowed to solicit donations from anyone...but the Booster Club, as a private organization, is allowed to do just that when a need, whether financial or material, is identified. If you think you would like to support the Zoomie Rugby Booster Club, and in turn, support the cadets, click the button below.

The Competitive Fund

When you support the team financially through the Competitive Fund held at the USAFA Endowment [a 501(c)(3) organization], every single dollar you give goes to where the team needs it most. In 2015, a total of $22,515 dollars were gifted through the Competitive Fund — for which all the cadets and the entire team staff are extremely grateful. Over the 2015-2016 season, total expenses exceeded $53,000, 90% of which was consumed by travel costs. The remaining 10% paid the fees required for the team to compete (such as tourneys, refs, and league fees). Gift funds were used to cover two thirds of the travel costs. To transport one full side to a single competition outside of driving range it costs about $11,740. Your gift is absolutely critical to the team's ability to travel and compete at the highest levels. With support from generous benefactors like yourself, you reduce out-of-pocket travel for cadets, and you help the team avoid curtailed competitive travel for the 2016-2017 season.



The Perpetual Fund

If you are in a position to make a Major Gift to the team, the Vern Francis Perpetual Fund for Men's Rugby may be for you. Named in honor of former USAF Academy Associate Professor and Deputy Department Head for the Department of Management and long-time Head Coach Lieutenant Colonel (retired) Vern Francis, this fund is a "true endowment", meaning it annually disburses an earned interest gift to the team. In 2015, a total of $60,569 in contributions were added to the Perpetual Fund, helping to spin off the annual 4% interest disbursement of $2,779 to the team in January 2016. All the cadets and the entire team staff are extremely grateful for your generous contribution to a legacy for the many teams to come.